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Ubuntu 11.04 Review- The good, the bad and the ugly.

Some days ago the new Ubuntu 11.04 came out. I upgraded my 10.11 one day later. But it crashed… Then I re installed the system and it works pretty good now. Here are some of my thoughts on Natty Narwhal: … Continue reading

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Why PDO is dumb and I hate it!

PDO is dumb! Why? Today I had to build a Data Syndication Script. It works perfectly and I did something like: INSERT INTO <table> ( … ) VALUES ( … ) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE <key> = <value>; But this … Continue reading

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Hey folks, the last week I build a webapp called with Paul ( blog | twitter ). it is completely build in JS and the backend (earthquake-data polling) is made in php/mysql. If you want you can buy me … Continue reading

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“Smart Options” or “Binary Operators”

Hey folks, you have probably seen a method call like this: foo(‘bar’, ESCAPE<em>QUOTES | ESCAPE</em>DOUBLE | ESCAPE_LONG); As I designed my Slideme jQuery plugin I wanted to use such a method to enable swiping directions. With a little help from … Continue reading

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Konami Code

Hey guys, Some months ago I implemented the Konami Code into a small jQuery-Plugin so you can give your users the power of the Konami Code. For those who don’t know what the Konami Code is: The Konami Code, known … Continue reading

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My first Motorbike

Hey Folks, today the temperature wasn’t as low as the last days, and I finally got my vehicle insurance so I went out for my first ride on my new bought bike Some details about the bike: Manufacturer Kawasaki Model … Continue reading

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Hello World

Hey folks I just started WordPress ( another time :] ) I hope this time I can really start blogging…   cheers from Vienna

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