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Ubuntu 11.04 Review- The good, the bad and the ugly.

Some days ago the new Ubuntu 11.04 came out. I upgraded my 10.11 one day later.

But it crashed...

Then I re installed the system and it works pretty good now.
Here are some of my thoughts on Natty Narwhal:

The Good

  • I really like the new menubar on the left!
  • The quicksearch using the superkey is well done.
  • Apart from that the whole interface works very well and there is much more to discover
  • Some Applications can insert an Icon into the top-bar that really well integrates with the system icons

<-- Dropbox, Caffein TOP; Skype FLOP

The Bad

  • I have not found an option to disable the fading out of the menu bar. You need to install an application for that! link
  • I had to manual enable that every application can put a icon into the notifications area. link
  • Some applications do not support the new window bar. e.g. Chrome has two window bars

(I did not test it but it looks like that this is fixed in the in the daily build via a switch in flag-config)

The Ugly

  • Everytime I restart my PC the default Keyboard-Layout is set to USA (although I deleteted it)
  • Also the radiobox is set to Austria but I still have the USA layout

Cheers, Dominik

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